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Appointments are available from 10:30 am - 6:00 pm (except Tuesdays).

Each fitting session is 1 hour. 





In each fitting, we focus on a players' static information such as physical build, prior injuries, current ability, swing speed etc. We then focus on the dynamic part of the fitting which includes your ball flight trajectories, overall swing analysis, and the desired shot shape, forgiveness profile and aesthetic requirements. Using the latest technology from GC Quad, we can measure all the key metrics such as your real-time ball flight, launch angle, spin rates, swing speed, and other metrics that are crucially important to your new clubs.


With the help of our CPGA/Master fitters with many years of experience, we listen and communicate with our clients to find the proper clubs that will maximize their potential and improve their game. To become a Titan Golf Master Fitter/CPGA professional, the minimum requirement is at least 500 fittings, outstanding feedback and reputation, as well as a golfer/CPGA professional. Therefore, you can rest assured that the advice and the recommendations you receive from us will be purely for the benefit of your game moving forward. We fit all handicap levels and are staunch advocates that any golfer can improve their game by being fitted. Buying golf clubs is a big investment and we want to show you how to do it wisely and with the reassurance that your purchase will result in you playing better, more enjoyable golf. 





Try our launch monitor: GC Quad





As the only advanced launch monitor that delivers accuracy, Titan Golf uses GC quad that measures reliable data based on its' high-speed camera system technology.   


GC Quad measures the following data:  


• Ball speed • Horizontal & vertical launch angles • Spin
• Sidespin • Carry distance • Clubhead speed
• Smash factor • Angle of attack • Club path
• Loft at impact • Lie & face angle at impact • Impact location on the clubface




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Payment Policy


Cancellation Policy 



To reserve your appointment, please call (604) 590-5390 or e-mail us during our regular business hours. A valid credit card payment is required at the time of booking to confirm your reservation. To secure your appointed dates and time, we recommend clients book at least two to three weeks in advance.


To cancel or reschedule, 48-hours notice is required out of respect to other clients and our custom fitter of Titan Golf. Be advised you will be charged 50% of each service if happen to modify your appointment without the minimum notice. The charge can be used toward a future service when you return for a fitting.


All players must check in 15 minutes before your appointment at the Pro Shop to give yourself time to prepare for your fitting. Bring your indoor shoes or a pair of clean-soled golf shoes and golf gloves for a better fitting experience.