Mizuno ES21 Wedge

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Mizuno ES21 incorporates a design that elevates spin and stability by using a multi-piece stainless steel construction and Grain Flow Forged face packed into a versatile high toe profile with a surprisingly narrow top line.



Predictable & Consistent:

Hollow body stainless steel 431 construction creates a higher, deeper CG and more vertical gear effect.

Spin Central:

A perfectly centred sweet spot is easier to hit consistently – ensuring a squarer strike, longer contact and higher spin.

High Toe & Low Heel:

Incredibly stable on the open face floated shots.

Quad-cut grooves:

Ultra-precise CNC Milled grooves cut into durable Grain Flow Forged Boron infused steel.

Wet Weather Performance:

Hydro flow Micro Grooves are vertically etched to release moisture and reduce spin drop-off.

Standard or Wide Sole Option:

Options for both amateurs and elite players looking for more spin consistency.



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