Autoflex Driver Shaft

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Designed for a seamless performance using Korean Hidden Technology (K.H.T.), you can tap into your distance potential without exerting much energy.


AutoFlex Shaft

SF305X  39 gram Ladies Swing Speed  65~85 mph
SF405  43 gram Men  Swing Speed  85~95 mph
SF505  51 gram Professionals Swing Speed  95~105 mph
SF505X 54 gram  Long Drive Player Swing Speed  110~125+ mph



  • Ultralight (20-30 grams lighter than conventional shafts) 
  • Highly-flexible 
  • Provides stable swing posture while generating more speed at impact 
  • Smooth & Soft
  • Automatically transfers energy despite different swing speeds 


Autoflex Golf Shaft is manufactured by Dumino Inc., a South-Korean company that designs world-class golf shafts that enhances longer distances and accuracy to optimize your golfing experience by matching the frequency and weight of the shaft to your unique swing style and needs.


What is Korean Hidden Technology (K.H.T.)?

K.H.T. allows the shaft to flex significantly during the downswing while still squaring to the ball at impact, creating significant jumps in ball speeds and driving distance. 


Select the weight of the AutoFlex shaft according to your swing speed. 



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